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Application Performance Monitoring


Synthetic Application Performance Monitoring


AppView Web gives you continuous visibility into end user experience of business-critical web apps from the perspective of remote sites and global internet users.

100% Integrated: From the Application, through the Network, to the End User

AppView Web offers a uniquely integrated view of end user experience, bringing together detailed network performance insight and deep, code level application performance insight in one single dashboard.


Globally Precise Web App Performance Monitoring – With AppView Web Global

The best location to measure end user experience of your web applications is from where your users are located, but that is not always possible with global business and remote employees. AppView Web seamlessly combines the performance perspective of Internet users and specific locations.


Real User Behavior

To ensure your applications are performing properly, you need your performance monitoring solution to interact with your application like a real user. AppView Web does this by having real browser running from PathView appliances and Virtual Machines in AppView Web Global datacenters, which follow scripts of real user actions.


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