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Application-aware Traffic Analysis


Application-aware Traffic Analysis

Analyze network and application traffic with more granularity than traditional network traffic analysis tools. Know instantly which critical applications are running on your networks and how they are impacting important end users.

Incredibly Intelligent Application Identification

Using unique and powerful methods of identifying the applications in use on your network, FlowView monitors protocol dissection, pattern matching, semantic and conversational awareness and flow registration to easily identify the offending applications and users.


Incredibly Simple Deployment

Traditional network traffic monitoring has always required multiple, complex components in place and configured before you get any insight into network usage: netflow-capable hardware, device re-configuration, 3rd party flow collection and analysis software running on its own server and database. FlowView requires none of these things.


Incredibly Plugged In

Now you can understand exactly who is doing what on your network without needing a PhD and you can identify patterns and trends in network usage before they impact your critical applications.


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