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Network Performance Monitoring


Active Network Performance Monitoring

Easily measure the actual network performance impacting your critical applications and business services using PathView’s end-to-end active performance management tools. With one extremely light-weight solution, you can continuously measure performance over your Wi-Fi to local servers; over VPN to remote offices; and over the Internet to Web applications and cloud services.

Universal Visibility Across the LAN, WAN, VPN, and MPLS

PathView is the only performance monitoring solution that goes everywhere your critical applications go, including into hosted services, IaaS, PaaS and Web applications. The PathView technology is intelligently built into the core of the IP stack so that if you can ping a target, you get a complete picture of performance.



Continuous Monitoring and SLA Validation

PathView measures network performance by sending and receiving its own precisely timed network traffic, assessing performance in real time against application-specific SLAs you control. PathView automatically knows when performance changes, your ISP re-routes your traffic or a device starts to falter.


Find and Fix Problems Fast

PathView was built to automatically run a diagnostic test when poor performance is detected to pinpoint the locations and cause of more than 80 network faults - even if they are occurring on devices you don’t own or control.


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