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Application Performance Management

Applications extend well beyond critical back-office functions, such as payroll and billing. They drive commerce and are the primary method of conducting business for employees, customers, and partners. Providing end users with a quality experience is dependent upon continuous availability and rapid response of applications and the networks and servers that support them.


SevOne provides visibility of application performance across the entire network – including applications running in the cloud and virtualized environments – all without agents.




The SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (PAS™) allows operations staff to proactively monitor applications and alerts them to potential delivery issues. Metrics from IP SLA, DNS, TCP, NetFlow, IP FIX, AppFLow, NBAR, and more are all supported out-of-the-box.


Beyond response time and traffic volume, SevOne provides enhanced application insight through visibility into JMX and WMI performance metrics.


A SevOne PAS deploys in minutes, automatically collecting data for use in real-time dashboards and instant reports, such as integrated SNMP to NetFlow graphs that reveal top bandwidth consumption by application.


For organizations that wish to perform packet inspection, the SevOne Application Performance Appliance (APA) converts packets into flow data, providing enhanced visibility of application performance without having to enable NetFlow on their routers. In virtualized environments, a SevOne virtual APA (vAPA) acts as a probe, monitoring activity between applications that reside on different guest VMs.

Applications have grown sophisticated and their designs more complex, with many interconnected components working together to provide critical functionality. Network operations teams must guard against ancillary services interfering with the users of the applications. SevOne allows them to quickly identify performance degradation and take corrective action before end users are impacted.

Unique Application Monitoring Capabilities:

Complete Visibility

Automatic Baseline Generation

Instant Application Performance Reports

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