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FatPipe: Overview


FatPipe® IPVPN is the only product of its kind that works with multiple managed VPN services from multiple providers, Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) based VPNs and private lines to achieve the highest level of reliability, redundancy, speed, and security for interoffice data transmissions.

MPVPN® takes any VPN and makes it up to 300% more reliable and redundant, 300% faster and provides up to 900% more security for WAN data transmissions. MPVPN dynamically balances load over multiple lines and ISPs without the need for BGP programming. MPVPN can take WANs with an uptime of 99.5% or less and make them 99.999988% or higher, providing a virtually infallible WAN.

WAN Acceleration
FatPipe Networks' WAN Acceleration technology offers the highest performance level of WAN acceleration and optimization available using patented and patent pending technology. With FatPipe WAN Acceleration, you can significantly boost your Wide Area Network performance. This is possible through acceleration of your applications, better utilization of your current WAN infrastructure that would ultimately result in saving you thousands of dollars a year on additional hardware, software and bandwidth costs. FatPipe WAN Acceleration appreciably increases WAN utilization, providing effective use of WAN bandwidth by caching/compressing that sharply reduces redundant data on a WAN.

Super UTM
FatPipe Networks is proud to introduce the world's first Super UTM, adding a suite of "Super-UTM" services to our core router clustering technologies. FatPipe Super UTM is the only product that combines all the features of FatPipe's patented multi-line dynamic inbound and outbound load balancing, with all the features of a Unified Threat Management (UTM) device, giving customers a one stop solution. FatPipe router clustering with "Super-UTM" provides the following network security services:

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