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FatPipe: Super UTM

FatPipe Networks is proud to introduce the world's first Super UTM, adding a suite of "Super-UTM" services to our core router clustering technologies.


FatPipe Super UTM is the only product that combines all the features of FatPipe's patented multi-line dynamic inbound and outbound load balancing, with all the features of a Unified Threat Management (UTM) device, giving customers a one stop solution. FatPipe router clustering with "Super-UTM" provides the following network security services:


These benefits allow IT professionals to lower capital expenditures by having only one unit, preserve rack space and reduce maintenance costs by consolidating services with a single, industry leading vendor who is committed to innovation and customer service.

Reduces Cost - FatPipe Super UTM reduces the cost significantly by eliminating costs associated with purchasing and maintaining separate hardware for separate features.


Increased Network Security - FatPipe Super UTM markedly increases network security by combining IDS/IPS and Web Filter together in tandem with MPSec. Web Filter combined with IDS/IPS provides synergetic effect and increases the network security significantly.


Control Network Usage - FatPipe Super UTM controls network usage with the help of web and content filtering rules.

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