Free Software

Free Monitor Tools

  • AppNeta – SpeedCheckr – A FREE Network speed monitoring tool.

  • Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer – A FREE version of Plixer’s very own Scrutinizer. Supports unlimited flows on unlimited routers or switches.

  • Denika Performance Trender – Amazing free SNMP trending tool based on MRTG. Keeps things easier than MRTG and provides high level summary reports.

  • Flowalyzer – Test and configure your Cisco NetFlow and sFlow sending devices with Flowalyzer.

  • Getif – A great SNMP MIB browser

  • Qcheck – This is a nifty utility for running response time, throughput and streaming tests.

  • STG – Realtime SNMP graphing utility. You need to know the MIB.

  • Wireshark – A packet analyzer that runs on Microsoft Windows and UNIX. One of the best values on the web.

  • Nmap – A free and open source network scanning utility for exploring the network or security auditing.

  • Zenmap Security Scanner GUI is also available for free, which makes Nmap easier for beginners and adds some features