Network Monitoring

We offer you a variety of Network Monitoring products

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Monitor more what matters

WhatsUp Gold has a whole host of user-driven improvements that let you proactively monitor more of what matters and give you instant visibility into the status of a network.

i-Vertix NMS

  • Keep a 360° view on your IT infrastructure
  • Centralized log management to analyze logfiles and network traffic in real time.
  • Automatically manage, track, inventory and update your IT assets.

All-in-one Solution for Network Troubleshooting

Network Multimeter from Allegro Packets makes detecting network problems significantly more manageable, it provides a supplemental capture & analysis solution.

Flowmon – Simplify Network & Security Operations with a Single Solution

Prevent network issues and breaches & respond to security threats with a single network traffic, performance and security analyzer.

Wireshark Certified Training partner

SCOS Software Amsterdam/Hoofddorp offers this official Wireshark University course as the European Wireshark University Certified Training Partner of the Wireshark Foundation of Gerald Combs, the creator of Wireshark.tions and packet-level TCP/IP.