Primeur – Agent Progress MOVEit

A unique multivendor solution for dataflow monitoring and reporting

Primeur’s Data Watcher is now enriched with a new third-party MFT agent for Progress MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation. Primeur Data Watcher is a dataflow governance tool designed to provide visibility and control of dataflows, from source to destination, including 3rd-party technologies. With the latest product update, Data Watcher can now monitor dataflows on MOVEit, one of the most adopted MFT software on the market. With this addition, Data Watcher extends its capabilities of consolidated dataflow management on multiple third-party vendors, with MFT agents able to manage: SFTP FTP/S http/S IBM Sterling Connect:Direct MOVEit Transfer MOVEit Automation Primeur Spazio Primeur Data Mover

Data Watcher, in short

Data Watcher is a key tool for companies looking for end-to-end dataflow control, regardless of the file transfer technologies used within the company’s IT system. A single solution to discover, render, model, classify, govern and analyze dataflows.

  • It detects whether data is delivered and managed in time, enabling proactive monitoring
  • It includes flow model configuration to better describe and control dataflows, defining business metadata and SLA constraints, supporting regulatory compliance and multi-SLA management
  • It classifies dataflows in a catalog so that they can be queried and browsed by both technical and business users
  • It provides full visibility on dataflows to any users, thanks to the built-in dataflow reporting module