Primeur – Data Integration

Flexible Data Transfer, Shaping, Inspection and Integration

Primeur Data One is a modular, flexible hybrid platform able to integrate third-party technologies, creating harmonic and secure dataflows. Based on Primeur’s own “Contract Oriented Architecture”, Data One is the result of more than 30 years of expertise, integrating data for Fortune 500 companies.

  • Improve efficiency & performance through modularisation.
  • Simplify integration design using contract oriented architecture.
  • Freedom to evolve by decoupling data producers & consumers.


PRIMEUR DATA ONE® is our Hybrid Data Integration Platform, developed based on 35 years’ experience managing the data of the most important Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Being able to build our own platform is not something trivial. It is the result of years of solving and mapping integration problems, years of R&D and passion addressed to improve companies operativeness, compliance and revenues.


PRIMEUR DATA MOVER® is our multi-protocol, multi-platform, managed and secure file transfer enterprise solution able to create a fluid and secure communication flow between different applications.

PRIMEUR DATA MOVER® manages synchronous and asynchronous file transfer, never creating direct connections between data producers and data consumers.  Data is shared without modifying the applications that produce or consume data, keeping the applications involved in the process totally independent. This process allows to add, swap, change or modify the IT and application framework.


PRIMEUR DATA WATCHER® is our end-to-end dataflow monitoring and control solution. It provides visibility and full control of dataflows, from source to destination, including transformation.

With PRIMEUR DATA WATCHER® the entire E2E process is shown in real-time thanks to its dynamic construction of dataflows and its intuitive visualization. Each dataflow is assigned to a Flow Model, enforcing compliance with company policies and business requirements while allowing early identification of issues fundamental to take appropriate actions.


PRIMEUR DATA SHAPER® is our Data Transformation solution providing quick and flexible any-to-any data transformations. It is designed to work perfectly with PRIMEUR DATA MOVER® complementing and boosting its capabilities. PRIMEUR DATA SHAPER® is a graphical, wizard-driven and easy-to-use software that supports any-to-any transformation for all data formats – flat files, CSV, XML, Excel, Database, EDI, industry formats (HIPAA), etc. It also supports file splitting, transformation, routing, aggregation and enrichment to support varying business needs.

Data Privacy

PRIMEUR DATA PRIVACY® is our GDPR readiness and compliance solution, designed to fulfill the needs of Data Protection Officers, IT professionals, Security and Compliance leaders.

Built on 35 years of Data Integration expertise, PRIMEUR DATA PRIVACY® is a modular, multi-language, multi-user software tool that guarantees control of Personal Data, allowing companies to be ready to respond to the stringent requirements of the GDPR regulation and its evolution.