Thru. Features

Thru. Features

Product Features List

The cloud managed file transfer (MFT) platform for ad hoc and automated file transfers

  • MFT Infrastructure Managed as a Service
  • Automated File Transfer
  • File Sharing Application
  • Additional Information

MFT Infrastructure Managed as a Service

Data Security
  • Encryption at Rest
AES 256-bit FIPS-compliant encryption.
  • Encryption in Transit
Secure transfer protocols HTTPS/TLS 1.2/1.3.
  • Retention
Multiple levels of data retention.
  • Data Center Certifications
For example: SOC 1, 2 and 3; ISO 27001; HITRUST; PCI DSS; HIPPA
Threat Detection
  • Antimalware
Real-time protection to identify viruses.
  • DDoS Mitigation
Protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS).
  • Federated Identity Management
SAML 2.0 for web applications and OpenID Connect for native applications.
  • Username/Password
Follows NIST Cyber Security Framework.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
For file sharing application.
Username, password and/or key and certificate authentication.
  • API Authentication
Token-based authentication.
Guaranteed File Transfer
Automatic retry.
  • SFTP
Auto resume and retry.
  • FTPS
Auto resume and retry.
Cloud Deployment Options
  • MFTaaS
Thru is offered as software as a service (SaaS) on Azure.
  • Hybrid
MFT agent (Thru Node) runtime on a network orchestrated from the cloud.
  • Geo Regions
United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Australia.
  • MFT Private Cloud
Deploy Thru in your cloud and manage the infrastructure yourself.
Cloud Architecture
  • Elastic Scalability
Dynamically scales based on load.
  • High Availability
Deployed in Azure in high availability (HA) configuration for all critical systems and multiple copies of data.

Automated File Transfer

  • Web-Based Interface
No-code, easy-to-use interface.
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Allows administrators or managers to control access. 
  • Key Management
Secure and manage SSH, SSL and PGP keys.
  • SSH
Create or import a SSH key set for SFTP endpoints. 
  • Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
Create or import PGP keys. 
  • SSL
Client certificate support for FTPS connections.
  • Retention
Set retention rules. 
  • Alerts
Configure alerts to notify administrators or users of exceptions.
  • Integrate with SIEM
Use Thru API to connect to your SIEM.
  • Thru Node (MFT Agent) Heartbeat
Monitor node’s status on network or in remote locations.
  • File Exchange Flows
Thru’s file exchange workflow processes are referred to as flows.
  • Export Flow
Promote flows from dev to prod.
  • Export FileZilla/WinSCP Config
Export endpoint types into an SFTP client.
  • Subscribers (Pub/Sub)
Subscribe partners to flows.
  • Flow Endpoints
Defines the actions and configurations of the file data exchange with the endpoint. 
  • Rename
Rename files once in the system.
  • Encrypt/Decrypt
Encrypt/decrypt files once in the system.
  • Compress/Decompress
Compress/decompress files once in the system.
  • Many-to-Many File Transfers
Files can be sent to all or selected subsets via a single flow.
  • Folder Mapping
Allows source folders to be mapped to specific target folders.
  • Filter
Source or target filename filters are available using .
  • File Routing
Can be achieved using filtering and folder mapping.
  • Schedule
Schedule file pickup or drop-off at a particular time.
  • Trigger
Trigger source or target applications or systems to process files.
  • External Flow Endpoint Options
External endpoints are endpoints for external servers.
  • Archive on source
Keeps a copy of file after transfer.
  • Delete files at source
Removes file after transfer.
  • Include subfolders
Available option.
  • Activity Stream
All changes to the data in the system are logged and available for audit via the activity screens.
  • Protocols
Transfer files with encrypted protocols: SFTP, HTTPS or FTPS.
  • SFTP Client/Server
Thru can act as a SFTP client or server.
  • FTPS Client/Server
Thru can act as a FTPS client or server.
File transfers over HTTPS using API, web GUI or connectors.
  • iPaaS Connectors
Connect Thru to iPaaS for file transfers that require ETL and other transformation.
  • Boomi
Connects Boomi to Thru over HTTPS.
  • MuleSoft
Connects MuleSoft to Thru over HTTPS.
  • Cloud Storage Endpoints
  • Amazon S3
Automate file transfers to and from your Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. 
  • Azure Blob
Automate file transfers to and from your Azure Blob.
  • Azure Data Lake
Automate file transfers to and from your Azure Data Lake.
Centrally Controlled Remote Agents
  • Thru Node (MFT Agent)
The Thru Node is a runtime that allows file transfers from a network. 
  • Connector REST API
Connect Thru to your application with file pickup/drop-off.
Anything you do in the web interface can be done via API.
  • Activity REST API
Consume file activity data to your SIEM or third-party application.

File Sharing Application

Web-Based Interface No-code, easy-to-use interface for folder management.
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Allows administrators or managers to control access. 
Retention Retention policy services to manage content expiration. 
Dashboards View file transfer and user activity.
Notifications Configure notifications for any event.
Alerts Receive alerts for retention events. 
  • Virtual File System
A folder-based file system in the cloud.
  • Thru Dropbox™
A web form that allows users to receive files securely from external users. 
  • Folder Create
Create a new folder and enable user permissions.
  • Folder Delete
Delete a folder if permission granted.
  • Publishing
Publish a URL of a file or collection of files to view in a web browser. 
  • Secure Email
Send files securely over HTTPS via Microsoft Outlook or web-based interface.  
  • Large File Transfer
Send 10GB+ files over email using Thru and bypass Outlook limitations.
  • Link Sharing
Securely share URL links to files for download.
  • Languages
French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese.
  • Folder Sharing
Share folder links with registered users.
  • Notifications
Set notifications based on events to a folder and receive a notification via email on that activity.
  • Versioning
Thru records a timeline of all previous versions of the file.
  • File Explorer
Desktop file explorer synced to virtual file system.
  • Transfer Manager
Monitor, pause and resume active transfers from the Outlook add-in or Thru explorer.
  • User-Level Audit
Users can view sent emails and activity. 
  • Folder Access Control
Access controls per folder.
  • Protected Delivery
Forces email validation and guest registration.
  • Protected Thru Dropbox™
Forces email validation and guest registration.
  • Request Account – Self-Service User Account Creation
Self-service user account creation.
  • File Sharing Dashboards
Dashboards in audit view provide searchable discovery options.
  • Audit Reports
Detailed templates and custom audit reports available for download.
  • Salesforce
Email files stored in our cloud directly from Salesforce for standard or custom objects.
  • Microsoft Outlook
Send files securely from Outlook .
  • Microsoft Office 365
Directly edit files stored in Thru with O365 add-in.
  • Web Form (Thru Dropbox™)
Easy-to-use web form (Thru Dropbox™) to upload files securely to a known recipient.
  • Upload Widget
Integrate a web form to your application.
  • Mobile App
Enable file uploads from your mobile app to Thru. (Apple iOS)
  • Desktop File Explorer
Desktop file explorer synced to virtual file system.
Programmatically create folders and user permissions.
Programmatically create folders and user permissions.
  • Upload Widget Library
Thru server extended file upload/download protocols are available.

Additional Information

High-Speed File Transfer
  • Cloud-Optimized Routing
Transfer files up to 20x faster with nothing to install. Available as an add-on.
Support 24/7/365
  • Documentation
User guides are in product.
  • Training
Enterprise Tiers Only: Included with service.
  • Live Chat
Live chat on Support page
  • Web Form / Email
Submit form on Support page
  • Phone
US Toll-Free: 1.800.871.9316 Option 4 International: 1.214.496.0100 Option 4
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
Enterprise Tiers Only: Thru provides a SLA of 99.9%.
  • Cost Model
Contact us about purchasing and pricing »
  • Contract Language
USA (TX) & EU law contracts
  • Service Description
The Thru MFT service includes comprehensive file transfer functionality, security, infrastructure and support. Enterprise Tiers also include training, Thru Nodes, Dev instances and high availability configuration. Contact us for the most up-to-date pricing and feature availability.