Progress Flowmon

Visualize Network Traffic, Identify Issues & Prevent Exploits

Reduce risk and improve the security posture across your hybrid cloud with automated network monitoring and threat response.

Tackle network issues & security threats

Network operations

  • Get detailed data about your network traffic.
  • Avoid user experience degradation.
  • Complete visibility in cloud, on-prem or hybrid.

Network operations

  • Stop malware, ransomware or unknown threats.
  • Seal the gap between perimeter and end points.
  • Orchestrate response to detected threats.

Appliances and software modules for network management & security

Flowmon Collector

Supports All Major Transfer Protocols
Virtual, cloud or hardware appliance providing highly scalable data storage and built-in analytics centre with configurable dashboards and reports.

Flowmon Probe

Virtual, cloud or hardware appliance generating detailed data from network traffic.

Flowmon ADS

The anomaly detection system protects against security threats and indicators of compromise hidden in network traffic.

Flowmon FPI

Automated auditing tool that records and interprets captured full packet data.

Flowmon APM

Monitors users experience of your applications, measures SLAs and other KPIs.