Flowmon – Collector

NetFlow and IPFIX collector with advanced reporting

The NetFlow Collector is a stand-alone appliance for the collection, long-term storage and analysis of flow data from flow-enabled devices (load balancers, switches, and routers), dedicated probes and other flow sources. It is equipped for advanced reporting and data visualization.

Tackle network issues & security threats

Network visibility

NPMD, troubleshooting and capacity planning.

Maximize investment

Leverage devices in your network with support of multiple NetFlow and IPFIX formats.

Use it anywhere

Hardware, virtual or cloud appliance.

Dashboards and visualization

Highly customizable interface designed for the noise-free visualization of traffic structure, performance metrics and infrastructure topology with flexible and configurable widgets. Use presets built around the most common needs of users (Office 365, G Suite, social networks, DNS, DHCP…) to automate configuration. Whether you are a user or service provider, you can share your dashboard with others.

Analytics drilldown

Drilldown options are available from anywhere on the dashboard. Every widget can be displayed in an analytical view for full detail, down to the level of flows or packets with the ability to view the smallest network activity of devices, flow sources or vendors. You have options to filter by protocols, time periods, source/destination IP address, and more. The statistics are exportable at every level.

Troubleshooting and forensics

The Collector does more than just monitor the red/green status. It tracks individual user interactions with applications to give you an end-to-end understanding of the entire digital environment. This holistic approach allows you to immediately identify the root-cause of problems affecting users and services and take remedial action.

Cloud and SaaS monitoring

Flowmon uses passive network sensors available as virtual appliances in the private and public cloud, accessible from their respective marketplace to inspect all traffic for application-related communications. The Collector tracks the interactions between users and applications to identify bottlenecks anywhere along the application delivery chain.

Feature list

Bandwidth monitoring

Optimize capacity planning, peering agreements and take control over bandwidth usage. With hard data about top users, devices, applications and services you can make effective decisions to save costs on infrastructure and connectivity.

BYOD monitoring

Monitor BYOD traffic to get visibility and control over connected devices. Passive device fingerprinting allows you to identify the device manufacturer, OS and web browser. Extend this with the real user identity (i.e. username or hostname) by using logs from any authentication system to get more control.

Network traffic monitoring

Ensure the reliability, availability and security of business services with confidence. Flow provides visibility into traffic structure to streamline decision making and save costs on NetOps.