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Stress-Free WiFi Optimization Delivered Instantly

The Wireless Intelligence Platform is the fastest and easiest way to proactively eliminate mission-disrupting WiFi issues from any location, optimizing the network before users ever know there’s a problem.
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Thanks to AI-Driven WiFi Automation, the Wireless Intelligence Platform™(WIP) gives you the answers you need to solve network problems in real-time. No complexity, no mysteries. Welcome to worry-free WiFi and cost-effective future-proofing.

Improved operational efficiency

WIP knows what you need – solutions – and what you don’t – complications and mysteries. The platform drills down into every network abnormality, delivering root cause identification and actionable insights with each real-time alert. Experience improved network performance, reliability, and security thanks to its proactive 24/7 detection, notification, mitigation, and complete ecosystem visibility.
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Personalized support

Your network has unique demands and challenges. WIP’s AI-engine uses behavioral profiling and device pattern recognition to learn to recognize your network’s expected behavior – and then provides real-time alerts with root cause identification and actionable resolutions if that behavior changes in any way.

Higher end user satisfaction

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With proactive alerts, IT can solve problems in real time, before end users are ever affected. This keeps businesses running at full speed, giving employees and customers a better experience.

Future-proofed network planning

We can’t overhype the importance of historical analytics. WIP automatically saves historical data, including identified problems and resolutions, and creates graphs that display health and performance trends over time. With this data, you always have the best insights needed when it comes to reviewing intermittent issues and making future budget and capacity decisions.
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Security breach detection

WIP automatically detects and classifies all APs as Mine, Known, Unknown, or Unauthorized. The platform sends instant alert notifications for any detected Unknown or Unauthorized APs, denial of service attacks, network breaches, and at the detection of any vulnerable points of entry.

Automatic business analytics

Sometimes it feels like business analytics make the world go round, so we made sure to make them as easy to read and share as possible. WIP provides API and SNMPv2c support; and allows you to export all tables and graphs from the user interface, making it simple to support your decisions with real-time and historical trends
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Wyebot remote troubleshooting

Remote Troubleshooting

WiFi Assurance that works alongside any WLAN vendor

No matter what IT vendor you use, WIP provides instant, in-depth, proactive analytics that make network downtime a pain of the past.

Plug-and-Play Simplification

Instant Analytics

Easily deploy WIP anywhere. Simply plug the sensor into an ethernet port with internet connectivity and you’re finished. You’ll start receiving analytics before you ever make it back to your office as WIP automatically learns how your environment operates and self-configures. We made it simple because your time matters.
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Wyebot Vendor Agnostic

Vendor Agnostic

WiFi Assurance that works alongside any WLAN vendor

No matter what IT vendor you use, WIP provides instant, in-depth, proactive analytics that make network downtime a pain of the past.

More of what matters, none of what gets in the way

Complete network ecosystem visibility

Remote access

Real-time and historical analytics


Proactive, automatic alert notifications

Classification of APs + clients via device fingerprinting

Client monitoring for IoT

Support for WiFi 6 (802.11ax)

Network tests copied across locations and SSIDs

Tests run over multiple APs and frequency bands using a single sensor

Wireless Connectivity and Internet Connectivity/Ping Test; Application Test; Performance Test Suite; Device Monitor and Device Discovery Tests; Security Audit; DNS Server Test; SSID Analytics; Video Conference Test

Historical analytics with data on health and performance trends over time for APs, Client Distribution, RF and Client Utilization, RSSI, Non-WiFi Interference, and Noise Level